Monday, June 11, 2007


Waiting for the shuttle, watching the other vloggers go get breakfast. So sad.

A Better Vloggercon

Verdi, David, Rupert, Jen and I talk about ideas for a vlogger retreat. We're done with panels and having to choose between great stuff. We want a retreat where we can talk to each other and collaborate or get feedback or whatever. Let's find a place and let's do it.

This is late Saturday night after the Revver party, which was so loud we could barely speak to each other. So we left for quieter pastures.Â

How Many Vloggers Fit in an Economy Rental?

We had six. Anyone pack in more and live to vlog it? This was us returning to the hotel from the Saturday night after-party.

Quick N93 Tutorial

The Burger Discussion

Rupert's First in & Out Burger

Don't the British make burgers?

New Yorker in Hollywood: Parallell Parking

We really needed to get some food. Traffic was bad. The only parking space available was across a line of bumper to bumper traffic. I don't know who pulled it off, but not Daniel Liss.